What to wear on your head this summer?

Summer – means hot, sun, sea and good mood. How to look stylish and which hat or scarves are better to wear? Two current trends: straw hats, better bigger, and in “Riviera” style.

60 years – a period of profound renewal of society: in fashion not even a style, but a variety of styles. The model “Twiggy” was a real icon of that time. Mary Quant found her and showed with her the mini-skirt around the world.

This summer, we have no fear of wearing a straw hat. This is – a big hat, better bigger with ribbon in black or polka dot. Banned colored hat, and conversely, in a trend hats that resemble 60-s and “Dolce Vita”. On the beach or in the city wide-brimmed hat is the perfect accessory for a fashionable and elegant women.

The second trend of summer 2015: scarves or turbans. The word “turban” comes from the Persian language; This headdress of Oriental origin (from Morocco to the Middle East, from India to South-East Asia) in the form of a piece of fabric (silk, cotton and wool), wrapped around the head. This trend is a little “old Hollywood”, which encourages us to wear turbans, fabric strips or bandanas. They can be with geometric prints, floral hippie, polka dots, or plain; no matter what it is, it is important that you have them!

Matteo Beltrama – stylist, image-maker, fashion blogger and consultant, Milan, Italy


Fashion House «Schiaparelli», the revival

Once the name of Elsa Schiaparelli sounded equally with Coco Chanel; ox-eyed Italian extravaganza in Paris called simply Skiap, and for the rest of the world it was Elsa Schiaparelli – Incredible woman trendsetter. It was her Coco Chanel sat for dinner on a chair painted with white paint, as she in a black velvet dress she appeared at a party … I could not let Coco thought that close there is someone more talented.Elsa never misses an opportunity to shock the audience, implementing the principles of surrealism in the design of clothing. At the beginning of the XX century surrealist ideas are in the air, penetrating the minds of extraordinary people, like a virus. Friendship with the surrealists, including Salvador Dali and Jean Cocteau, displayed in her creations. One of their joint inventions – a coat with many pockets on the “motives” of the artist’s famous painting. Another fruit of their work became known black hat in the shape of the shoe and felt his heel. Together with Elsa C.Dali created famous dress in white organza with a print of a huge lobster red, which then carried the Duchess of Windsor. Elsa Schiaparelli first turn ordinary fashion show in bright, lively shows and laid the foundations of what the future will be called pret-a-porter. Everyone knows the color – fuchsia, but who knows what it has introduced Skiap? It was “shocking pink”. He took over the fashion world instantly, everything – from the dress to the color of lipstick – an example to her pink. Elsa released hats and perfumes in this color.

In 1954, Elsa Schiaparelli leaves the “high fashion” and the house «Schiaparelli» cease to exist. Only in 2006 it was purchased by the chairman of «Tod’s Group» Diego Della Valle. In July 2013, together with Christian Lacroix has designed a collection in memory of Elsa Schiaparelli, and in September was the revived brand creative director – he was Italian Marco Zanini. Marco spent «Schiaparelli» year for two seasons «haute couture» managed to charm the critics and ordinary viewers and Tilda Swinton, who has repeatedly come out in suits revived at home on carpet.

We wish success and inspiration to House «Schiaparelli», the theme of Surrealism continues to be relevant in our days, being one of the trends for future seasons.

Elena Pochueva,

Stylist image maker www.facebook.com/elenapochuyeva77