About Italy

Rome-”the eternal city”

Rome – “Eternal City”. “All roads lead” in the “center of the world”-so in different historical epochs called this city. Presumably, Rome is as old as all of western civilization.The rich history and numerous architectural monuments, which are able to maintain, ongoing archaeological excavations;all causes delight, admiration and desire to see as much as possible,touch the stones with a millennial history, and closed his eyes, to dream that you were able to get into another era, perhaps 3000 years ago.
You can come here again and again, but everytime it would be different.
Rome is also unique in that its territory was created independent state of the Vatican. Arriving in Italy by plane, already from the airport road, you can see the ruins, which are the witnesses of the passage of the legions.
Rome is one of the oldest cities of the world, it is the capital of Italy already from 2000 years.
Tatiana Tikhonova’s memories (Leghorn, Italy): “Being in Rome, i have never used public transports, i pledge to go on foot to feel better the atmosphere of the “Eternal City”.I want to see the city panorama. Roma is built on 7 hills, and for this you can admire the large number of domes, the beautiful roofs and terraces.”
Tatiana has provided the photos of Rome.